What is the Team Manager?

The Team Manager is where your organization can invite members and assign roles to anyone who is involved in your waste and recycling program and will be using the Resource Center. You can give your members different access depending on their role! Roles vary depending on an individual’s responsibilities and how much access you would like to have in the Resource Center. For example, a Viewer would only be able to view the data whereas a Member can view and enter data.

Here are the different Roles in the Resource Center:

Viewer: A Viewer has access to view the inputted data and has access to all of the resources.
Member: A Member has access to input data to permitted locations, as well they can access the different resources on the Resource Center
Operator: The Operator Role has access to input data and update divisions and stations within permitted locations. They can also access all the resources.
Location Owner: The Location Owner has access to input data and update all locations, divisions and stations. This role also includes granting permission to invite team members and access to all resources.

This allows you to tailor your team depending on the specific needs of your program! Every program is different depending on the amount of waste produced, hauler expectations, and building size etc. so this gives you the opportunity to design the perfect team for your needs!

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