Resource Center Disclaimer

So you’ve made the decision to use Busch Systems Resource Center and Collection Analytics Software to help manage an track your company or organizations waste. First of all, congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving zero onsite waste generation, and secondly, we at Busch Systems thank you for choosing our software. We aim to make using our platform as easy and streamlined as possible to not only benefit you and your organization by helping you make better informed decisions about your waste management plan, but also to better protect the environment and our natural resources.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time tracking waste or if you’re a seasoned veteran, we are certain you have noticed a glaring issue with municipal and county waste management systems and that is the inconsistent nature of collected waste streams, differing items allowed in waste streams, data analysis/collection, even signage and stream identifiers. The Resource Center Collection Analytics Software’s goal is to reduce much of these inconsistencies by creating a unified platform for municipalities, counties and organizations to utilize when creating a waste management system. Imagine having in place a consistent, national waste management plan where the practices and procedures in one county were built off the same foundational knowledge, using the same signage and collecting the same streams and materials as one across the country.

This is the over-arching goal of Busch’s Collection Analytics Software; we want to create a benchmark for the waste management industry that removes all the guesswork and confusion when differentiating between inconsistencies. As an example, one of the features of the Resource Center is being able to set your own waste stream compositions such as the paper recyclable stream which commonly consists of cardboard, office paper, magazines, book etc. We allow you to modify what percentage of this stream consists of what material. This is a very important feature as different types of materials represent differing cost savings and environmental impact reductions.

Once you set your stream composition percentages, material costs, savings, weights etc, Busch Systems can collect this information and compile it with all the organizations like yours in the area and begin to formulate a “regional average” for comparative purposes, and to have pre-set customization values specific to your type of organization and your region. This is incredibly valuable information that is not easily accessible, if at all, and the more users the Collection Analytics Software has entering in values, the more accurate and beneficial the end data will be to you, the user.

Now, in order to get the snowball rolling successfully, we at Busch Systems have gone ahead and created a “default setting” for all customization options in the Resource Centre. We calculated, for our own building, composition, density, commodity value, contamination percentages etc just as a reference point for you to begin tracking your own system. As you can imagine, waste is incredibly variable in nature and no two bins will look the same, some people shred paper while others lie it flat, some aluminum cans may be crushed while others in perfect form. As a result of this, our generated numbers may differ from the ones you come up with, and that’s fine, but that is the reason why we push for consistency and accuracy and advise you to perform all the customization options to fit your needs specifically.

Busch Systems Resource Center is an ever-expanding technology, built for the sole-purpose of assisting and educating users in creating first-class waste management systems. Apart from the center-piece of the program, the Collection Analytics Software, the Resource Center has a multitude of additional resources at your disposal including Academy Programs and Training modules aimed to better enhance your knowledge on waste management practices. In addition there are educational materials for students of all ages, waste management program setup guides for a multitude of different organizations, email templates, blog posts, glossaries and so much more. Be sure to check back continually for updates, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions email us at

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