What is the Material Manager?

At Busch Systems, we know that every collection program is different and that creating a cookie-cutter solution for each program is not practical. To combat this problem, we've allowed our Collection Analytics Software to be completely open-source. What we mean by this, is that every calculation within the Resource Center is customizable to suit your collection program.

With that being said, within the Material Manager module in your account settings, you are able to adjust Item Densities and Material Values to ensure they are as accurate as possible for your program.

For example:

The Resource Center algorithms have determined that the average density of Glass Bottles being placed in a recycling container is 225.38 kg/m3. That being said, perhaps your organization is recycling an above-average amount of mason jars. In this instance, you may want to consider increasing the Item Density to account for more recycling of thicker-than-average Glass Bottles.

Secondly, the Resource Center algorithms have determined that the average value of Clear Glass is $31.97 per Tonne. However, perhaps in your county, the value of returning Clear Glass is $35.67 per Tonne. In this instance, you would change the values in the Material Value module to reflect those values.

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