How do I enter data using the Capacity Estimate method?

The Capacity Estimate method is the most popular method of entering in data for the Resource Center, as it is the most practical and efficient way of submitting data at the station level. This data is entered by estimating the capacity of each container when running your daily, weekly, or monthly audit.

For example:

Station A is a two-stream station. Bin #1 is "Cans & Bottles". Bin #2 is "Waste".

Using the Capacity Estimate method, the user inputting the data uses their visual judgement to determine that Bin #1 is 70% full of "Cans & Bottles" and Bin #2 is 30% full of "Waste".

Therefore, when inputting the data, the user will enter 70% for Bin #1 and 30% for Bin #2.

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