How do I enter data using the Volume to Weight method?

The Volume to Weight method can be used to enter data in the Resource Center when users know the volume of the containers. The data is entered by accurately estimating how much volume has been occupied in each container when running your daily, weekly or monthly audit.

For example:

Station A is a two-stream station. Bin #1 is "Cans & Bottles". Bin #2 is "Waste".

Using the Volume to Weight Method, the user inputting the data knows that the container is a total of 23 gallons and estimates that “Cans & Bottles” takes up 15 gallons in Bin #1 and “Waste” takes up 7 gallons of in Bin #2.

Therefore, when inputting the data, the user will enter 15 gallons for Bin #1 and 7 gallons for Bin #2.

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