How do I enter data using the Actual Weight method?

The Actual Weight method is the most accurate method of entering data into the Resource Center; however it is the most labor intensive. In order to accurately submit this data, the user and their team must weigh the contents of each individual container of every station.

For example:

Station A is a two-stream station. Bin #1 is "Cans & Bottles"Bin #2 is "Waste".

Using the Actual Weight method, the user inputting the data removes the bag from each container and places it on a scale to record the weight. The user determines that Bin #1 weighs 2.2 Lbs and Bin #2 weighs 1.3 Lbs.

Therefore, when inputting the data, the user will enter 2.2 Lbs for Bin #1 and 1.3 Lbs for Bin #2.

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